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The VSCC Pomeroy Trophy Competition 2018 kicks off the new season at Silverstone

We joined the Vintage Sports Car Club at the Pomeroy Trophy Competition as the historic car club kicked off the racing season at Silverstone with the popular event.

The competition open to pre and post war vehicles uses a unique format of tests to decide upon the ultimate touring car. The tests include a time trial as well as tests for acceleration, braking and handling. Along with surely one of the most unique tests in the world, the ability to carry two standard VSCC suit cases.

Taking the Pomeroy Trophy itself was Simon Smith in his 1964 Lotus Elan, completing the test with a total of 424.16 points.

The Densham Trophy, which is awarded to the best Pre-War car that didn’t take the Pomeroy Trophy, was won by Simon Blakeney-Edwards in his 1929 Frazer Nash Super Sports, while the Pomeroy Edwardian Trophy, awarded to the best eligible Edwardian or car fitted with two-wheeled brakes, was taken by Andrew Howe-Davies in a 1911 Scat Racer. Runners up in 1st Class included a Ford Cortina and Mini Cooper.

The event attracted a packed grid of varied cars from a Frazer Nash TT Replica to a Ferrari 212 to a Peerless GT1.

Not to be left out were newer vehicles such as a Porsche Boxster, Maserati Gran Tourismo and the new Toyota Yaris GRMN. The limited edition Yaris which had been the subject of a promotional filming the day before was out on track alongside the

Toyota Corona Deluxe, one of Toyotas Heritage Fleet, read about the Toyota Yaris GRMN here http://www.finishlinesports.net/2018/02/28/toyota-gazoo-racing-inspired-toyota-yaris-grmn-vscc-event-silverstone/

The VSCC which has been in existence since 1934 welcomes Pre and Post war cars on a competitive as well as social level, with many events held throughout the year, the VSCC is a hugely popular motoring club, with many opportunities for members to get involved in many aspects of motorsport.

The VSCC Pomeroy Trophy Competition 2018 Gallery:

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