750 Motor Club Silverstone International Round

The 750 Motor Club returned to Silverstone in August for a packed programme of club level racing with Formulae ranging from Historic 750 Formula to the Bikesports Championship.

The first race to hit the grid was the Tegiwa M3 Cup and 330 Challenge & SCC,  The Tegiwa M3 Cup is in its maiden season with Championship status, where E46 BMW M3 cars race to club level builds and costs. The MTEC Brakes BMW 330 Challenge Series sees E46 BMW 330ci with standardised parts racing, again another low cost series. Alongside the BMW’s was the Super Cooper Cup Series with just a small field of five entrants.

It was the BMW’s that took the podium places, on the top step was Simon Walker Hansell, finishing just behind him in second place was Carl Shield with the podium completed by Adam Shepherd. While in the race later in the day it was Adam Shepherd in first place, Carl Shield in second place and Tom Coller in third place.

The Tegiwa Civic Cup Championship gives the opportunity for all models of Honda Civics from 1990 onwards to race as long as they are powered by either a B16 1.6V engine or K20 2-litre 16V engine. Winning the first race was Mark Grice, with Jason Ballantyne in second and Lee Deegan in third.

In race of two of the championship it was  Jason Ballantyne this time in first place,  Lee Deegan in second and David Vincent in third.

Taking race one in the Ravenol Formula Vee Championship was Graham Gant with championship leader Ben Miloudi in second place and James Harridge in third.

The second race for the single seaters was won by Ben Miloudi  with Graham Gant in second and Adam Macaulay in third.

The Historic 750 Formula runs a variety of historic cars ranging from Centaur’s to Austin 7’s to a JB Special. Christian Pederson took the win in his Austin 7 with Gregan Thruston in the Rawson Special in second and Ben Myall in the Gerrel MK1 in third.

The 750 Motor Clubs caters for production and saloon cars in the Cartek Roadsports Series, with just some makes entered including Ginetta’s, Seat Leon’s, Caterhams and Porsche Boxster & Cayman.

The first was a BMW M3 take over with Andy Marston taking the top step of the podium flanked by Paul Cook in second and Tim Gray in third.

The first Classic Stock Hatch race was won by Lee Scott in the Ford Fiesta XR2i, in second place was Matt Rozier in the Peugeot 205 GTi with Benjamin Leach also in a Ford Fiesta in third. Winning the second race  again in a Ford Fiesta was Martin Cayzer, with Matt Rozier in his second podium visit of the day in second place and Marcus Ward in third place again in a Ford Fiesta.

In the Royal Purple Hot Hatch Championship it was Stephen Sawley in the Honda Civic at the top of the podium in race one of the two championship races with Ben Rushworth driving a Honda Integra in second and Chris Coomer in  the Honda Civic in third position.The second race of the weekend found Alistair Camp in the Ford Fiesta ST winning the race with Rushworth in second and Sawley in third.

The Aim Technologies Bikesports Championship, a series which sees sports-racing cars such as Radicals and Spires fitted with production 4 stroke motorbike engines and gear boxes,  was locked down by the Radical PR 6, taking first place was Jon-Paul Ivey, Richard Stables in second and Doug Carter completing the podium.

Bernie’s V85 & SRGT Challenge including the Crossle Drivers Club, saw a fantastic array of GT’s and V8 sports cars with James Plant in an Allard J2 taking first place in both races while two Crossle 9S’s followed  with Gwyn Pollard and Steve Ough in second and third respectively in the first race. In the second race  Steve Ough again took the podium this time in second place while third position went to Lee Barnard in the MGB GT.

The Cartek Club Enduro Series in its second season, is 750 Motor Clubs endurance race. Throughout the year the series is run in two or three hour races including a round at Spa Francorchamps. The series is divided into 3 classes divided by power to weight. The overall winner and winner of A class was Carl Swift in the Honda Civic, flanked by Mark Harris also in a Honda Civic while the third spot went to Chris Brown in the Aston Martin GT4. Class B found Alan Henderson in the Lotus Exige in first place and fourth overall, while joining him in second place in that class was Geoff Hanson in the Porsche 944 and in third Nik Grove in the BMW E36.  In C class it was James Tucker in the Lotus Elise who took top step of the podium, with Nigel Greensall in the Mazda MX5 and Richard Breland also in an MX5 in third place.  The invitational class was a Caterham takeover with Carl Varney in first, Russ Olivant in second and Rob Watts in third place.

September sees the club visit Rockingham and Donington and in October the club moves to Spa before concluding the season at Silverstone on October 28th with the Birkett 6 hour relay.


Allison Remzi             Images ©Andy Fitzpatrick ©Allison Remzi