Stars roll out for the Celebrity Challenge at Silverstone Classic

The charity race was an eventful one from qualifying on the Friday when ex AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson rolled his Austin A35 taking him out of the Saturday race, to Olympic gold winning rower Jonny Searle rolling his during the race after attempting to overtake Bike Legend team member Maria Costello on the by then, wet track.

The five teams were all led by motorsport experienced team captains. Anthony Reid who has had a lengthy career predominantly in Touring Cars but also British GT, led Going for Gold, SKY Sports Stars was helmed by former Formula 1 driver Rupert Keegan, Bike Legends by Touring Car driver Steve Soper, Rocking & Racing by Martin Donnelly who previously raced in Formula 1 and Formula 3000 and Screen Stars captained by Mark Blundell who has competed in Formula 1 and won the 24 Hrs of Le Mans in 1992.

The tricky conditions in the Saturday race as the weather worsened really did challenge the drivers in the Austin A30’s and A35’s, as the celebs took to the track it wasn’t long before the spinning began and a red flag was out, when the race resumed with two laps behind the safety car,  which only allowed for two green flag laps in the race, but it was Steve Soper for Bike Legends who took top step of the podium flanked by Martin Donnelly in second and Martin Blundell in third. Wayne Gardner the Former Motorcyle GP champ came in 4th just ahead of ex Top Gear presenter and racing driver Tiff Needell.

The winning team accruing the most points were Screen Stars, the team consisting of Blundell, Vassos Alexander, Ant Anstead, Theo Paphitis, Tony Jardine and Tiff Needell.

The Silverstone Classic Celebrity Challenge Trophy which was a new addition to the programme this year raised £10,000 for the Classics charity partner Prostate Cancer UK.


Silverstone Classic Celebrity Challenge Trophy race result:

  1. Steve Soper – Bike Legends 11m 21.946s
  2. Martin Donnelly – Rocking & Racing +1.568s
  3. Mark Blundell – Screen Stars +2.003s
  4. Wayne Gardner – Bike Legends +6.618s
  5. Tiff Needell – Screen Stars +10.989s
  6. Neil Primrose – Rocking & Racing +11.449s
  7. Tony Jardine – Screen Stars +14.497s
  1. Anthony Reid – Going for Gold +17.765s
  2. Jason Kenny  – Going for Gold +22.480s
  3. Nick Wigley – SKY Sports Stars +24.685s
  4. Steve Parrish –  Bike Legends +27.397s
  5. Howard Donald – Rocking & Racing +28.822s
  6. Peter James –  Rocking & Racing +33.202s
  7. Freddie Spencer –  Bike Legends +59.350s
  8. Theo Paphitis – Screen Stars +1m12.743s
  9. Carl Froch – SKY Sports Stars +1m13.505s
  10. Amy Williams – Going for Gold +1m26.986s
  11. Vassos Alexander –  Screen Stars +1m33.032s
  12. Mike Wedderburn – SKY Sports Stars +3m11.720s
  13. Mark Hunter –  Going for Gold +1 lap

(Ant Anstead (Screen Stars), Maria Costello (Bike Legends), Orla Chennaoui (SKY Sports Stars), Greg Searle (Going for Gold) and Jonny Searle (Going for Gold) Did Not Finish)


Allison Remzi      Images ©Andy Fitzpatrick   ©Allison Remzi