750 Motor Club track day

We joined 750 Motor Club for their first track day of the year at Silverstone. A large turn out braved the cold weather with a wide variety of cars from Formula Ford to a Ginetta.

Amongst those battling a very grey, windy Silverstone was former touring car driver Anthony Reid, testing hot hatches and 4 times Formula Vee Champion Paul Smith. Smith was out on track in his new Mittel MC-53.

After his success in Formula Vee, Paul has made the move to the 750 Motor Club RGB Championship, citing the desire for a new challenge as his motivation for getting behind the wheel of the very rapid GSXR1000 powered car. Paul also raced his Crossle 9S last season with great results, no doubt a precursor to more of the same this season.

Paul Smith with his Mittel MC-53 Photo Allison Remzi


The 750 Motor Club RGB Championship has been going since 2001, RGB referring to Road-Going Bike-engined cars, the cars are powered by up to 1000 cc, 4 stroke motorbike engines.

The cars are restricted when it comes to aerodynamics, the focus being mechanical grip. Manufacturers such as Mittell Cars Ltd and Spire Sports Cars produce the LMP style cars, other marques including converted Sports Specials are also raced.



Other kit cars out on track included a Tiger Racing Avon, Spire GTR and a Centaur MK 22. The Centaur MK22 was the last marque designed by Richard Scott a well known designer of 750 Formula cars.


Rogue Motorsport were also running their Toyota MR2’s. The team, who race in the Toyota UK MR2 Championship, offer drive and arrive packages and used the day as a test session for potential championship drivers to get a taste of the car and the feel of a track race.

Another 750 Formula with a good showing were cars from the Locost series,  with regulations designed to help keep the costs lower such as a ban on titanium, magnesium and carbon, the formula is an affordable way into racing.

Other cars of note include Peter Lague’s Speads Race car and the beautiful Radical SR3.

The 750 Motor Club offers a wide range of formula for the enthusiast to get involved in, from Roadsports to Historic 750  to the Armed Forces Challenge, and with many series offering a chance to race that is kinder to the bank balance, it is easy to see why the club that is almost 80 years old continues to thrive.


Allison Remzi        

All images unless otherwise stated ©Andy Fitzpatrick