Porsche 924-The Subtle Sports Coupè

Originally conceived as a Porsche design for a joint venture with Volkswagen, the 924 which celebrated its 40th birthday last year, remains a popular modern classic. Often to be found at meetings and car events such as the Silverstone Classic, the 924 was designed as an entry level model and the first Porsche on the road to have a fully automatic transmission.

Rights to the design of the car were bought by Porsche from Volkswagen after they decided not to proceed with its production. The car was instead produced by Volkswagen as subcontractors to Porsche at the VW factory in Neckarsulm, Germany.

Equipped with an Audi 2 litre, four cylinder engine and rear mounted transaxle, the model was designed with near perfect front/rear weight ratio, with the aim of minimizing oversteer. The European model achieved 125 horsepower while the US model having lower compression and smaller valves, because of emission regulations put out 95 horsepower.

The 924 received its press debut in November 1975,  however the car was criticized for its performance but nonetheless became one of Porsche’s best selling models due to its economy, reliability and build quality.


The model went through a series of upgrades throughout its production history including a more powerful engine, improved brakes, 5 speed transmission and a number of sports options. Limited Editions were also released such as the Martini(1977) Le Mans(1980) and Sebring(1979). The evolution of the model included the later Turbo, Carrera GT and 924S.

With its own class in the BRSCC Porsche Championships and a busy owners club, the 924 continues to retain a loyal following both on the race track and road. And with prices of the model only set to rise, the 924’s status as a Porsche classic is surely confirmed.





Allison Remzi                                      All Images ©Andy Fitzpatrick